Hunger Is
While I think Viola is an amazing actress whether she is on a Broadway stage, on our television screen each week or on a big theater screen; the Viola that I admire and adore the most is the Viola who has put her name and celebrity out there to help in the fight against childhood hunger.

Here is a page for you to learn more about this work that Viola is involved in and what you can do to help her in this fight!

On March 27, 2014 Viola Davis along with The Safeway Foundation and The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) launched the Hunger Is Campaign. This campaigns goal is to raise awareness and funds to help end childhood hunger.


We believe every boy and girl can dream big and deserves every chance at making those dreams come true, so we’re taking ownership of hunger in America and doing whatever it takes to make sure that lack of nourishment no longer diminishes opportunity. Hunger is a problem that has existed for too long in a country with so much bounty and excess.

Together, we’re raising awareness, motivating activists and volunteers, and raising funds to help improve health outcomes for hungry children and their families in the United States. Explore this site to learn more about childhood hunger and show your support – and tell your friends as well.

Let’s do whatever it takes to assure that no child in America will ever again have to say, “Hunger Is Me.”

Hunger Is released PSA’s to help spread the awareness. These PSAs feature Viola and spread the message that Hunger is ALL OF US.

Viola has also been honored for this awareness but this is a very personal fight for her. In October 2014 she was recognized by Variety Magazine and during their Women of Women event she gave this speech and told her own story of childhood hunger. I will warn you this speech brought me to tears!

Viola has done numerous interviews and has spoken out and brought in many generous donations … here is a clip of her talking about it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show … Ellen and Shutterfly gave a generous donation to the cause.

If you would like to learn more about Childhood Hunger and what YOU can do to help visit and give back! You can go here to do a one time or sustainable donation! Join Viola in the fight against Childhood Hunger!

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