Viola Davis to Executive Produce TNT Legal Drama ‘Conviction’

I hear TNT is developing Conviction, a legal drama inspired by the life of Kym Worthy, the chief prosecutor of Wayne County, MI, known as the toughest woman in Detroit.

How To Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis is executive producing the project with Debra Martin Chase (Sparkle). Empire co-executive producer Ayanna Floyd is writing the script and executive producing. The project was originally developed at ABC during the 2014-2015 season with another writer. ABC has a legal drama pilot Conviction this season, which is unrelated to this project.

Worthy became the second African-American to serve as a county prosecutor in Michigan when she was appointed chief prosecutor of Wayne County in 2004. She is known for a number of high-profile cases, like filing charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and her campaign to clear a massive backlog of 11,000 unprocessed rape test kits in Detroit.

Davis and her producing partner partner Julius Tennon executive produce through their JuVee Productions, Martin Chase through her Martin Chase Prods. Both companies have deals with ABC Studios, which originally developed the project when it was at ABC but is not actively involved in the TNT version. Also executive producing are Floyd as well as Kim Swann and Leah Keith who brought Worthy’s story to Hollywood. Worthy is a consultant.

JuVee Productions, and Martin Chase Prods. are repped by CAA. Floyd, Keith, Swann, and Worthy are repped by ICM Partners.

Sofia the First Stills

During the series first season Viola voiced a character on Sofia the First. I have added images from the episode to the gallery.

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How to Get Away with Murder | New Season 2 Promotional Shoot

A new shoot of Viola as Annalise has been released for How to Get Away with Murder.

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Vanity Fair Outtake

Remember how in the last post I mentioned that I love Annie Leibovitz? Well this picture shows you why … how beautiful is Viola?!?!?!?


Justice delayed isn’t always justice denied, at least not where show business is concerned. For an impermissibly long time Viola Davis has been delivering supporting performances that pack an outsize wallop, maximizing her screen time not through showy flourishes or scene-stealing gambits but by investing every moment as if it has a lifetime of experience behind it, putting serious money on every beat, often undercutting the solemnity with sly inflection. (She provided the emotional core to the blurring motion of Michael Mann’s techno-thriller Blackhat.) No matter the role or circumstance, her characters are always to be reckoned with, and the consistent high caliber of her work (Doubt, The Help) raises the question “Why is someone this great not getting bigger standing?” And now, after too long, she is, starring in the ABC series How to Get Away with Murder as the criminal-law professor who mind-games her student disciples like a mentor from an Iris Murdoch novel. Next major sighting: Suicide Squad, a DC Comics all-star howdy-do, where she attempts to reform super-villains by giving them something constructive to do: save the world.

From Jennifer Lawrence to Lupita Nyong’o: Hollywood’s Fiercest Women

My all-time favorite photographer is the amazingly talented Annie Leibovitz and to have her shoot Viola (and these other amazing women) for the newest Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair makes me super excited! Here is the beautiful cover and a peek into the issue which hits stands on Tuesday, February 8th.

For Vanity Fair’s 2016 Hollywood Portfolio, the legendary photographer captured 13 of the cinema’s finest actresses for the portraits you see here. Measured by years, awards, or performances, they’re dazzling to behold.

Viola Davis’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Really Appreciates Her Secret Talent

Ever wondered what other talents Viola has besides being a fabulous actress? Well here is one that she shared with Vanity Fair.

Award-winning actress and Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover star Viola Davis shows off a hidden ability.

Watch this on The Scene.

We know that Hollywood Issue cover girl Viola Davis can do many things. She’s been awarded for her work in film, television, and theater, most recently picking up her second Screen Actors Guild award for her performance on the hit ABC series How to Get Away with Murder. But, like all the great actors, Davis contains so many multitudes that, even years into an illustrious career, she is still able to surprise us with some remarkable ability. Viola Davis, it turns out, can draw.

Yes, as part of V.F.’s Secret Talent Theatre, in which our Hollywood Issue heroines shows us heretofore unknown abilities, Davis demonstrates that she’s adept at drawing, a skill that Davis says her young daughter takes great delight in. (Even if an art school might not, she humbly concedes.) And then, Davis takes to the canvas, producing an image of a clown worthy of . . . well, there aren’t any famous painters of clowns, are there. Perhaps Viola Davis could become the first, adding yet another accomplishment to her impressive résumé.

How Viola Davis Keeps the Magic Alive in Her Marriage: ‘Every Day Is Like a Date’

I love how happy Viola is with her family … and People seems to also as they asked her about her marriage to Julian Tennon recently.

What’s the secret to a lasting marriage?

“It’s about the everyday,” Viola Davis told PEOPLE during a Vaseline Healing Project event. “I think that, that’s what people forget when they fall in love with someone and it’s exciting.”

“You have to get back to the everyday – the taking the garbage out, the cooking, the cleaning – and it’s something that I think really works with me and my husband,” Davis, 50, who tied the knot with actor Julius Tennon in 2003.

“Every day is like a date,” added the actress, who is also mother to daughter Genesis, whom Davis and Tennon adopted in 2011

The How to Get Away with Murder star also said it’s the “simple things that are very, very special” and that “make a marriage.”

She shares that her husband “just gave me a book. It says, ‘How Do I Love Thee Viola? Confirmations Of Love By Julius.’ I have it in my bag, and I bring it with me every day to work, and each day is another love affirmation.”

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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