HTGAWM | ‘3×01 We’re Good People Now’ Captures

I updated the gallery with HD captures from the premiere. Enjoy!

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How to Get Away with Murder | We’re Good People Now Sneak Peek

Take a peek at the Season Premiere episode.

After Annalise finds a flyer labeling her as a killer, she reminds the Keating Five that there’s nothing to worry about and that they’re all good people.

Viola Davis’s Daughter Might Be Beyoncé’s Biggest Fan

People shares this fun part of an appearance by Viola on today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show. (P.S. I love when she talks about Genesis!)

‘You Don’t Know What Lemonade Means to Me, Mom’

Viola Davis‘s daughter is definitely a member of the Beyhive.

The How to Get Away with Murder star talked to Ellen DeGeneres on Monday about her 6-year-old daughter Genesis — and her obsession with Beyoncé.

“Her latest thing is Beyoncé,” Davis, 51, said. “She wanted to go to a Beyoncé concert and we said, ‘No. You cannot go to Beyoncé, Genesis.’ ”

Davis says the rejection was not received well by the singer’s biggest fan. ” ‘No, you don’t know what Lemonade means to me, Mom,’ ” Davis says, recalling what her daughter had told her. ” ‘You don’t know what Beyoncé means to my life.’ There you go.”

DeGeneres, 58, then asks the inevitable question, “So she wants to be an actress?”

“She does want to be an actress,” Davis confirms. “She says, ‘Mommy, I know how to live the words. I know how to breathe the words. I know how to remember the words.’ And I said, ‘Well, you gotta remember how to go to school and at 18, you need to remember how to get out of the house and pay your own bills.’ ”

And from her daughter’s future in drama to her character’s TV drama, Davis reveals some demands she had for this season’s NSFW moments.

“I told them ‘No more sex scenes. You cannot throw me up against a wall.’ They threw me up against a wall in the first season and I threw my back out for two weeks — and my hip,” she says.

“I limped around for two weeks and I said, ‘No more walls. I just want to be on the bed and I don’t want to move. I don’t want anyone on top of me. I don’t want to be on top of anybody else.’”

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Viola Davis Says Women of Color “Ask[ing] for What [They] Want” Year After Memorable Speech

The Hollywood Reporter shares what Viola discussed on tonight’s Emmys Red Carpet.

The actress who made history with her best drama actress win last year told ABC’s red carpet preshow that she feels no pressure to repeat this year.

Last year Viola Davis made history with her Emmy win, becoming the first black actress to win best drama honors.

Her speech, addressing diversity in Hollywood was a highlight of last year’s show and has continued to be discussed as the entertainment industry, particularly on the film side of the business, grapples with diversity issues.

And now, a year later, Davis says she’s noticed improvement, mostly because women are speaking up.

“Hollywood is doing good, but I’ll tell you women of color are doing even better. It’s like we’ve gotten to the point where women are saying, ‘You know what? I’m going to ask for what I want.’ And I love it. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.”

Davis is nominated again for best drama actress but says she feels “no pressure” to score another win.

The actress also joked that Annalise Keating’s signature delivery of “How to get away with murder” even has people at Target wanting her to deliver the line like her character.

Emmy Awards

Viola is at the Emmy Awards tonight looking stunning in a pink Marchesa dress and I’m just in love with it. First HQ images have been added. More to come soon!

Good luck to her. I hope she takes home the trophy.

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‘Life Is About More Than Awards’

Viola Davis is aiming for an Emmy repeat this weekend.

The “How to Get Away With Murder” star is a contender for Outstanding Lead actress in a Drama Series, a category she won last year.

Though she has an Emmy victory on her résumé, Davis isn’t necessarily more relaxed because of her trophy going into Sunday’s awards ceremony, airing on ABC.

“You’re never more relaxed, but not just because you want to win. That’s not why,” she told ABC News. “It’s just the eyes that are on you; the expectation that’s on you.”

Despite that, Davis noted she’s not in show business to win awards.

“I’ve become an adult. I have a child. I’ve done the work in understanding that life is about more than awards and just a big realization that I got into it because I love work,” Davis, 51, said.

In 2015, Davis made history, becoming the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

In her acceptance speech, the actress said in part: “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”


InStyle Photo Shoot

Earlier this year Viola was featured on the cover of InStyle magazine and I have added some images from the shoot to our gallery.

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