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America Inside Out – The Revolt : Watch the full episode.

Recently Viola was one of the actresses featured on America Inside Out … here is a clip of the full episode.

From famous actors to tech trailblazers to domestic workers, Katie Couric talks to change makers about why we still haven’t achieved gender equality.

Viola Davis Recounts the Barriers She’s Faced in Hollywood (Exclusive Clip)

Viola Davis is no stranger to breaking barriers in Hollywood.

As the star of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder, she’s the first and only black woman to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, which she received in 2015. After winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for 2016’s Fences, she became the first black actor to earn the “Triple Crown of Acting,” by winning a competitive Oscar, Emmy and Tony.

But the actress has been open about her humble beginnings, growing up in poverty in Rhode Island, telling ET that part of the way she overcame her struggles was to “dream big.”

“Dreaming is like going to the gym for me. It’s what I did every day,” Davis said at the time. “Every day I tackled something. Every day, even when I had obstacles in front of me, even if it was something I could do that made me just a step closer to my dreams, I did it.”

Now, on the National Geographic docuseries America Inside Out With Katie Couric, the actress is recounting the barriers she faced as a woman of color trying to break through in Hollywood.

“I’m not pretty enough; I’m too fat; I’m not good enough; my hair — that was a big one; my skin tone,” Davis lists off in a frank conversation with the journalist.

In tonight’s episode, “The Revolt,” Couric examines why Davis and other women remain more vulnerable to harassment and abuse in the workplace. She then goes beyond those tragic stories to discover how gender inequality, unconscious bias and sexual harassment are linked through interviews with other trailblazers like Geena Davis and Elisabeth Moss, who are helping Hollywood change in the Time’s Up era.


The mighty voice of Viola Davis

Women in the World released this video of Viola’s discussion from yesterday!

Viola Davis talks about a life journey that’s taken her from the depths of privation to the heights of Hollywood, overcoming discrimination against her race, gender and poverty all the way.

Viola Davis: ‘I do see a moment becoming a movement’

The Associated Press released a slightly more complete part of Viola’s discussion at Women in the World Summit yesterday.

At the Women in the World Summit in New York, Viola Davis discusses the visible effect of Time’s Up in Hollywood and how concerned she is about the real-life impact of sexual assault on women.

Watch Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Viola Davis Reveals Why She’d be a Bad President

Viola talks about her speech at the LA Women’s March, and reveals why she wouldn’t make a very good president.

Viola Davis on Melania Trump’s Love of How to Get Away with Murder

Viola talks about Melania Trump calling ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ her favorite TV show, and reveals the TV shows that she loved growing up.

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Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tonight Viola will be making a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Be sure to tune in. Check your local listings for times and channels.

Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last week Viola was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Check out two clips from the interview:

Viola talks about winning an Emmy, 2 Tony Awards and an Oscar and reveals why she probably won’t win a Grammy.

Viola reveals that she shares an obsession for Disneyland with her daughter, and she gives tips for anyone going there.

Viola talks about working with her husband on this season of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and she reveals what she was doing when she met him.

And check out some images from her appearance in our gallery!

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