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The mighty voice of Viola Davis

Women in the World released this video of Viola’s discussion from yesterday!

Viola Davis talks about a life journey that’s taken her from the depths of privation to the heights of Hollywood, overcoming discrimination against her race, gender and poverty all the way.

Viola Davis: ‘I do see a moment becoming a movement’

The Associated Press released a slightly more complete part of Viola’s discussion at Women in the World Summit yesterday.

At the Women in the World Summit in New York, Viola Davis discusses the visible effect of Time’s Up in Hollywood and how concerned she is about the real-life impact of sexual assault on women.

Watch Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Viola Davis Reveals Why She’d be a Bad President

Viola talks about her speech at the LA Women’s March, and reveals why she wouldn’t make a very good president.

Viola Davis on Melania Trump’s Love of How to Get Away with Murder

Viola talks about Melania Trump calling ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ her favorite TV show, and reveals the TV shows that she loved growing up.

Viola Davis Wants Her Daughter to Kick Some Ass

Viola talks about her daughter’s favorite part about coming to our show, why she put her daughter in Karate classes and reveals what she loves about her husband.

Viola Davis Reveals Magic Between Her & Kerry Washington

Viola talks about the ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ & ‘Scandal’ crossover episode on ABC, and the magic of acting with Kerry Washington.

Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tonight Viola will be making a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Be sure to tune in. Check your local listings for times and channels.

Viola on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last week Viola was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Check out two clips from the interview:

Viola talks about winning an Emmy, 2 Tony Awards and an Oscar and reveals why she probably won’t win a Grammy.

Viola reveals that she shares an obsession for Disneyland with her daughter, and she gives tips for anyone going there.

Viola talks about working with her husband on this season of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and she reveals what she was doing when she met him.

And check out some images from her appearance in our gallery!

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How Viola Davis Really Feels About Being the Odds on Favorite to Win an Oscar

Viola talked with Jimmy Kimmel about being nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film Fences.

E!Online gives us an overview of the interview.

Viola Davis is having a moment.

The Fences actress appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, and though she’s been sweeping nearly every award show this season, she was surprised by just how many honors she’s received overall. “I’ve won over 30 awards?” she asked. “You got that at Wikipedia, right?”

Jimmy Kimmel proceeded to tease her, asking, “Do you have any other people left to thank at the Oscars, because you are the odds on favorite to win? In fact, some say you’re a lock to win.”

But Davis—who lost the Best Supporting Actress award for Doubt in 2008 and the Best Actress award for The Help in 2011 —doesn’t want to buy into her own hype. “I’ve been the odds on favorite to win before and did not. It’s devastating; it makes it worse,” she admitted. “You’re sitting there and you’re like, ‘OK, I’m the odds-on favorite.’ And then your name is not called.”

To further illustrate her point, the How to Get Away With Murder actress said, “It’s like falling from a 100-story building…If you know you’re losing, it’s like falling from a one-story building.”

Davis is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2017 Oscars alongside Moonlight’s Naomie Harris, Lion’s Nicole Kidman, Hidden Figures’ Octavia Spencer and Manchester by the Sea’s Michelle Williams, and the winner will be announced live on Feb. 26.
Davis—a BAFTA-, Critics’ Choice-, Emmy-, Golden Globe- and Tony award-winning actress—has become known for her inspirational acceptance speeches over the years. “I write them, Jimmy. They’re off the cuff,” she said before asking Kimmel, “You want me to help you for the Oscars?”

“Don’t worry: I’m not going to win anything,” Kimmel laughed. “But I’ll take anything I can get.”

Later on, Kimmel showed one of Davis’ standout scenes in Fences and asked about Davis’ emotional state. “Pardon me if this is an inappropriate question: Was that your snot or was that snot that was added?” he asked. Davis laughed and replied, “That was my snot. Everyone talks about my snot! It’s gotten to the point I’m [over it]. My nose runs when I cry. I don’t want to spend half the scene [wiping snot away]. Listen, after 23 takes, I had very clear nasal passages!”

Other clips released:

Viola talks about getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right in front of a Marshall’s and recalls getting a street named after her in her hometown.

Viola talks about what her character on ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ is currently going through.

Viola reveals that she had her own, real snot on her face in a scene from her film Fences and talks about mentoring young actor Jovan Adepo, who also appears in the movie.

Viola Davis’s Daughter Might Be Beyoncé’s Biggest Fan

People shares this fun part of an appearance by Viola on today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show. (P.S. I love when she talks about Genesis!)

‘You Don’t Know What Lemonade Means to Me, Mom’

Viola Davis‘s daughter is definitely a member of the Beyhive.

The How to Get Away with Murder star talked to Ellen DeGeneres on Monday about her 6-year-old daughter Genesis — and her obsession with Beyoncé.

“Her latest thing is Beyoncé,” Davis, 51, said. “She wanted to go to a Beyoncé concert and we said, ‘No. You cannot go to Beyoncé, Genesis.’ ”

Davis says the rejection was not received well by the singer’s biggest fan. ” ‘No, you don’t know what Lemonade means to me, Mom,’ ” Davis says, recalling what her daughter had told her. ” ‘You don’t know what Beyoncé means to my life.’ There you go.”

DeGeneres, 58, then asks the inevitable question, “So she wants to be an actress?”

“She does want to be an actress,” Davis confirms. “She says, ‘Mommy, I know how to live the words. I know how to breathe the words. I know how to remember the words.’ And I said, ‘Well, you gotta remember how to go to school and at 18, you need to remember how to get out of the house and pay your own bills.’ ”

And from her daughter’s future in drama to her character’s TV drama, Davis reveals some demands she had for this season’s NSFW moments.

“I told them ‘No more sex scenes. You cannot throw me up against a wall.’ They threw me up against a wall in the first season and I threw my back out for two weeks — and my hip,” she says.

“I limped around for two weeks and I said, ‘No more walls. I just want to be on the bed and I don’t want to move. I don’t want anyone on top of me. I don’t want to be on top of anybody else.’”

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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